Do You Struggle With Homework? Procrastination? Lack of Motivation?

Homework Hero Is A Mini Course Designed for Teens With ADHD to help you break it down, get started, get it done and turned in!

Homework Hero Empowers You To Find your Best Practice with Planning and Time Management In your OWN Unique Way!

This 8 Module Mini Course (all videos under 10 minutes!), designed specifically for teens, is the perfect tool to help you break down your school work week, master your time, understand how long tasks take and eliminate the stress and anxiety of school work.

Course Curriculum

Homework Hero Is Compiled of 8 Short Modules (with videos an average of 10 minutes or less!) and Worksheets for you to create life long habits around your work.

Module 1

What are your current homework issues?

This intro module will allow you to focus on your biggest obstacle, set goals and uncover who your "village" is. IE: support and helpers!

Module 2

Organizing Tasks

In Module 2, you will begin getting prepared for the course. You can expect to get real specific with your tools that help keep you on task as well as begin to understand how you prioritize your work.

Module 3

Time & Productivity

One of the biggest obstacles you have is understanding how long your work and assignments take you. In Module 3, you will begin to track your work (no distractions whilst working!) and use this as a reference for time management and productivity.

Module 4

Brain Dumping & Prioritizing

Having a system in place for looking at your week at a glance and understanding everything that is coming your way is critical to planning and organizing your work. This module will help you brain dump your week at a glance and then prioritize accordingly!

Module 5

Time Blocking

Time Blocking is an excellent way of building confidence and avoid procrastination. One of the best practices you can master is time blocking: taking the big picture tasks (ie: test, quizzes and projects) and breaking them down to what days and what hours you will work. The wonderful thing about time blocking is you can be as specific or as broad as you'd like: it's all about what works for you! So get ready to get super specific and break it down!

Module 6

Learning Styles

Before you begin this module, I would highly recommend you take the online assessment to uncover your learning style! (You can click on the link in this module and print it out!) How you process, interpret and remember information is vital to how you respond to teachers and parents. This module gives you lots of study tips for each learning style!

Module 7

Best Homework Practices

We all have our own unique needs when it comes to how, when and where we do our work. By using this amazing tool designed by my friend and colleague, Leslie Josel, you will uncover your best practices of how you study and work! This is one of my favorite tools that I use with my high schoolers!

BONUS: Module 8

How To Rock Virtual School!

I've added this module into the course in case you are 100% virtual and/or in a hybrid learning program. Wherever you are, it will be relevant to how you master online learning!

If you are struggling to keep up with your school work and riddled with anxiety and overwhelm,

Homework Hero is the Course for you!

With the proper systems in place, you can own and manage your time like it's no one's business! Homework Hero puts the power BACK into your hands with the exact system I use in my coaching practice. Homework Hero will allow you to take the big view of your work week and break it down into easier, attainable steps.


Kelly Biltz

ADHD Life Coach

Kelly Biltz

As your ADHD Life coach, I will partner with your son/daughter and help them uncover their best practice (and version of themselves) for time management, procrastination, organization, motivation, (such a tough one!) study environment, grades and self care. Mental Wellness is super important to me and I will help your high schooler with coping skills for anxiety, overwhelm and support their journey to independence and ensuring they are taking care of themselves along the way.

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This 8 Module Mini Course, created by an ADHD Teen Life Coach, is made especially for teens. You will uncover the perfect tool to help you know how to look at your week at a glance and prioritize your work and break it down to make the hard work easier. Once you master this process you will be so much more productive, more confident and say goodbye to missing assignments and hello to better grades!